Redefining Business Finance

We leverage Decentralized Finance infrastructure to enable access to efficient capital markets  


Access to risk-priced yield is limited and efficient capital raising is broken

Business across the globe are struggling to access financing as traditional finance is broken


Investors seeking risk-priced, capital protected differentiated yields are unable to access risk-profiled and verifiable assets class

$ 2 trillion

Trade Credit


$ 6 trillion

Business Funding Gap

$ 12 trillion

Negative Yield Bonds

Blockchain enabled market place for risk-priced yield and efficient capital raising

Casten is building the gateway for Institutions of various sizes to build and manage their DeFi enabled structured finance products 

Credit History Oracles 

Our data Oracles bridges off-chain data helping investors evaluate and understand borrower's credit & performance history. 

Tech-enabled active portfolio management

Institutional Fund Managers can access diversified debt products directly without the middlemen

Scalable liquidity for Fintechs at  low cost

Fintech lenders can access

capital at attractive interest rates in the most efficient way


We designed Casten with composability built in so investors can access easy leverage for supported positions.